Decentralized Cloud Service

The most secured clouds services is here

Seamlessly upload, access, manage and share pictures,notes and files from your devices.

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Why Use Dclouds?


We rely on Gaia storage system to create a decentralized solution, Dclouds gives You control over your data.

Free For Beta Users

Thanks to Blockstack support currently you can use our services for free.

* The default FREE storage is provided by Blockstack PBC . Upload/download speed will be slower for files larger than 10MB or if the total usage goes over 10GB

Easy To Use

We designed our experience to be similar to other famous services like iCloud and Google drive.

Access on all devices

Save your files and have them on your laptop with Dclouds apps, phone or the web

Share and collaborate

Send, receive and work together with your friends on every file

Unbreakable security

All your data are encrypted and scured with encryption keys only you hold.

What Is Dclouds


Keep your file online, access them anywhere using our drive Dapp.

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How It Works?

Send one-off and automated email, push, and in-app messages to people. Create better stories.